You’ve made some amazing memories in your home however attributes of your home that have sentimental value are not recognized to be recognized by potential buyers. Having the objective opinion of a real estate agent can help identify the most compelling features of your home and present them in the best light.

A home inspection is a great place to start when determining value and can help you to identify maintenance issues. Knowing that you have addressed all of inspection items either by having the repairs done, or including them in your terms of sale can provide peace of mind for both buyer and seller.

Now that you have the inspection list, go through each room and make a list of things that could use updating or repairing. This could include things like painting walls, adding trim, or updating appliances. We don’t suggest making major renovations, however the money you spend to make your home more appealing is in most cases easily recovered with a better listing price.

Having the right listing price is key to a successful sale. Having a price that is too low can mean you don’t get as much return for your investment. Pricing too high can turn away potential buyers who have mortgage approval but who would overlook your listing thinking they can’t afford it.

It will be much easier for potential buyers to envision themselves living in your home if you make room for their imagination. We recommend choosing neutral wall colours, and reducing the contents of each room to make this as easy as possible. You may need to put some of your contents in storage while your home is listed.

Professional staging can make a big difference for presenting your home, not only to create more appealing photos for your listing, but also to create a more relaxed and welcoming first impression. Our real estate agents can offer suggestions for this, or refer you to professional services.

The exterior of your home is a powerful first impression so it’s worth spending the time and possibly some money to give your entry way the impact it deserves. That might include projects such as replacing an entry door or garage door, landscaping, or repairing the front steps. Make your front yard maintenance a priority while your home is on the market, as you never know when a potential buyer may be in the neighbourhood.

Your real estate agent works on your behalf to get you the best return on your investment. While some agents will offer to work on behalf of both parties, we don’t feel this is a best practice for the industry. There may be some things about the sale of your home that are more important to you than others. If you’re in a hurry to sell you may be willing to take a lower offer. Or, you may need to hold firm to your price but be willing to negotiate in other areas such as closing details. A real estate agent has both the knowledge and experience to work exclusively on your behalf to get you the best return.

Be prepared to show your home. Your real estate agent will contact you to provide you with advance notification. Most would agree that home showings are most effective when the seller is not at home, as it gives potential buyers the opportunity to ask questions and speak candidly about their concerns. Some find that encouraging other family members to each be responsible for keeping a particular area of the home tidy can feel more manageable.

There is a process to completing a real estate transaction that can take some time. When the deal is officially closed, all of the transaction costs are allocated to either the buyer or seller. The money from the transaction is put into an escrow account from which it is dispersed. These costs would include things like taxes, title transfers, mortgage liens, or sales commissions.


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